The New Medina


In 2021, The New Medina will resource 16 Chefs And Creatives from the United States to explore culinary heritage, climate, belonging, and food diplomacy in the ancient city of Sousse, Tunisia on the African side of the mediterannean.

We invite chefs, makers, technologists, and other creatives to apply below. Curatorial And Talent Recommendation Partners Include:

  • The Smithsonian Center For Folklife and Cultural Heritage (via the African American Craft Initiative)
  • The Stanford Incubator For The Art,
  • The United Nations Peace and Artificial Intelligence Lab,
  • LA Cocina Food Incubator,
  • Michelen restaurant Chefs
  • Agritechnology Founders
  • The Forbes Funds,
  • Homeboy Industries,
  • the United States National Youth Poet Laureate Program

    Coming soon..