The New Medina



Sousse’s Old City is one of Tunisia’s most important historical sites and archeological wonders that was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980.

Heir to a great historical city called Hadrumet, it is one of the finest examples of early modern Arab-Norman architecture in Tunisia, and contains many historical buildings such ad the Ribat, the Bu Fatata Mosque, and the Great Mosque that dates back to the 9th century.

The gates and walls of the Medina – city in Arabic – themselves are impressive structures, made from large stone blocks and feature elaborate designs typical to Arabic architecture. They stretch for over three kilometers and were constructed to protect the city from outsider attacks. Today, they are standing as a testament to the greatness of the civilizations that went through the city and as a nest holding inside of it the oldest inhabited neighberhood of the cuty of Sousse.


Revitalizing The Old City:

The New Medina is pioneering a way to live heritage and revive communities. Our vision is not just about working with local and international guests on place making, but also creating enterprise that thrives ans sustains lives across generations. We are restoring heritage building and reviving traditional crafts and savoir-faire, blending heritage-led development, enterprise, and kids, and weaving together global talent with local wisdom while highlighting aspects of everyday life that are shaped by intangible cultural heritage.

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